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Fokin's flat cutter set, large and small


Soil formation and fertility depends on vegetation, microorganisms and soil fauna. Dying roots are the main source of organic substance, which will become fertilizer (humus). Microorganisms vigorously change not only the organic, but also the mineral part of the soil. Most of these processes take place in the top 10 cm of the soil!

flat cutter - is a unique unconventional tool that allows you to prepare the soil for sowing, and planting several times faster and easier than conventional shovels and plows.

Categories :
  • Large Foki's flat cutter (blade length 160 mm): 1pc.
  • Small Foki's flat cutter (blade length 100 mm): 1pc.
  • Small handle (length 650 mm): 1pc.
  • Large mountable wooden handle (length 1295 mm): 1pc.
  • Bolts and nuts for flat cutter fixation: 4pcs.
  • Screws for handle fixation: 2pc.
  • Package dimensions (LхWхH), mm: 725х225х55 mm.
  • Weight: 1,5 kg.